Installation and FAQ

1. Getting Started

IPTV is a way to watch live or recorded videos streamed thru the internet without using expensive cable or a satellite dish.

Getting Started is as EASY as 1…2…3

  1. Create an Account by clicking “My Account” or adding a product to your cart and checking out
  2. Download the required “SoPlayer or NoraGO” app to your device (Detailed Instructions can be found here)
  3. Input Device Link Codes/User name and Password provided in your Order Summary Email into the device and ENJOY!
  4. Didn’t get the email? Click here for instructions on how to obtain your information

Installation is easy…

  • For Amazon, Android and Apple iOS go to your App Store and search for SoPlayer
  • For SMART TVs Such as LG or Samsung search NoraGO

A detailed step by step instruction guide can be found by clicking here

Yes. You can watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime on your mobile device if it is connected to a cellular network. You can use a FireStick or other device on any network as long as it is the only device on the account. Multiple IP addresses detected will lock up the account.

2. Devices/Content

With your 1 Month Subscription, you can add up to 4 devices.

  • Amazon Fire Devices(Fire Tv/Cube/Firestick)
  • Apple iOS (search SoPlayer on the Apple App Store)
  • Android devices
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • SMART TV such as  LG or Samsung (Search and download NoraGo)
  • Windows and Mac devices; ( if you have trouble with either of these download  Bluestacks for your window devices and it works like a charm –

There are over 600+ Live channels, Premium Channels and thousands of Video on Demand

Unfortunately, NO! We do not own the content and it is frequently updated. We offer a $3 3 day No Obligation Demo for you to check out what is offered.

3. Account/Subscription

If you’ve had a previous IPTV provider, chances are your device is still attached to their service. Please work with our Chat Support or Contact US to have your reset your MAC ID.  Your MAC ID It’s typically on the home screen in the top left hand corner starting with 2000.

Its Simple, Just click on the “Renew” Option on the homepage and follow checkout instructions. Once the process is complete, time will be added to your account.

No…Never a contract. Order as much or as little as your like…Each time you place an order, time is added to your account.

Your app will show you when the subscription is running out.

There is no Multi Month plan…However, you can place multiple orders back to back. Each time you place an order, time is added to your account.

No! You cannot share account information. Sharing your account information will cause your account to stop working. We make our plans affordable enough to allow everyone to enjoy our services.


How to Install SoPlayer on a FireStick

How to Install SoPlayer on Apple Devices

How to Install NoraGO on smart TVs

Disclaimer: The legality of watching any paid premium channels without a valid subscription or license from a valid provider is dependent upon your country. This product violates no laws through valid intended use of this product or service subscriptions and we accept no responsibility for misuse. We do not own, run, maintain or have access to the servers or the channels and content provided. BSB Streaming does not stream any of the live IP channels, all channels are third party links available directly on the internet. BSB Streaming has no association with any of the IP channels shown or any other products in conjunction with that content. BSB Streaming links you with the largest collection of online News, Sports, etc. IP channels and videos from all over the world, that are available on the web. As per our knowledge, all channels provided by the server sellers abide by all relevant countries copyright laws and any copyright issues must be taken up directly with the server owners. BSB Streaming does not take any liability as to what is aired on the servers and BSB Streaming has zero control over the servers, the streams, the channels, and content. Server owners have the right to add and remove any channels or content they so choose or see fit. If you do not agree with this, please do not continue with use.